Magento 2 Migration – Everything You Need to Know [2022]

Adobe officially ended support for Magento 1 on June 30, 2020, for both versions with the dawn of Magento 2. Suppose you are a Magento store owner, running an older version of Magento, and confused about whether to Migrate to Magento 2 or not. In that case, this post is for you.

Here is everything you need to know about the Magento 2 migration in 2022.

Magento is one of the well-known eCommerce platforms preferred by thousands of merchants worldwide. As per Statista, it holds a 2.32% market share amongst the other eCommerce platforms.

Some of you might be having a lot of confusion and questions regarding Magento 2 migration, such as – Is it the right time to Migrate to Magento 2? What are the benefits of Magento 2 migration? How to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

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To help you out of this confusing situation, I have provided complete details about the Magento 2 migration to help you make clever decisions.

Why is Magento 2 Migration Essential?

Why is Magento 2 Migration Essential

Are you wondering why Magento 2 migration has become inevitable for the Magento owners? Here is the quick answer. It has been more than 13 years since Magento 1 was released, and a lot of things have changed since its release.

The eCommerce platforms have evolved tremendously in the last few years, and so does Magento. It has moved towards being a perfect eCommerce platform with the release of each of its successive versions.

Provided below is a table depicting some of the points that will help you clarify why Magento 2 migration is essential.

ParticularsMagento 1Magento 2
Technical SupportNo technical supportSupport available
SecurityVulnerable to cyberattacksHighly secure with the latest security updates
Site SpeedOrdinary site speedFaster server response and checkout speed
SEOMeta tags not supportedSupport for meta tags
ExtensionsOutdated extensions with no further updatesLatest extensions available with updates
TechnologyLatest PHP stack is not supportedSupports latest PHP stack

Listed below are some of the significant reasons supporting the necessity of Magento 2 migration.

Latest Extensions

Latest Extensions

Since Adobe’s official announcement regarding the discontinuation of Magento 1.x support, the companies are primarily focusing on developing extensions and working on the latest Magento version. Therefore, the development process in Magento 1 has come to an almost standstill.

Thus, there will be no more new extensions available for the Magento 1 version. Also the existing ones will stop receiving the updates. Therefore, most of the Magento 1 extensions will become outdated in nearby future and may not work correctly. Magento store owners may inevitably require Migration to Magento 2 to get the latest extensions for their store to give a competitive edge to their competitors.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Magento 1.x has been officially discontinued from June 2020 by Adobe. Also, it has stopped pushing regular security patches and updates, making Magento 1 sites more vulnerable to hackers and cyber-attacks.

Therefore, if you ignore the Magento 2 migration, you are putting your Magento site at stake. In case of any security breaches or attacks on your Magento 1 store, you may require professional help, and that may cost you even more than the Magento Migration!

Magento 2 comes with the latest security updates along with regular security patches, making sure that your online store is safe from any type of cyber-attacks.

Better Support

Better Support

Adobe has officially discontinued the Magento 1 support for a long; also the number of Magento 1 developers is limited as the majority of the developers prefer to work on the latest version of Magento. As a result, Magento 1 site owners may often find it difficult to get professional support for their site in nearby future.

On the other hand, in the case of Magento 2, store owners can reach out to Adobe Commerce support to get quick support and get the issue solved as soon as possible. Moreover, plenty of Magento 2 developers are readily available to help you out in any serious conditions.

More Speed

More Speed

Magento 1 is more than a decade old version, and there has been substantial development in Magento since then. The Magento has evolved drastically in the past few years, and it can be clearly witnessed in its performance.

Magento 2 provides better order processing speed and server response time than Magento 1. If you are still running Magento 1, you are compromising your online store’s user experience. Speed can directly impact the user experience of your online store.

Therefore, Magento 2 migration must be your top-most priority when aiming to provide a better site experience to your online visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization plays an important role when directly selling products online. Better SEO can lead to more conversions and thus more revenue. Magento 1 had no specific SEO-related functionalities, and the site owners had to depend on third-party modules for that.

However, Magento 2 has made it easier for the store owners to tune their pages and products for better reach by implementing some of the features. Store owners can use and set canonical tags, meta title, description, keywords. They can even make their site mobile-friendly using the built-in functionalities.

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Magento is very well known for its customizability. The latest Magento version has filled the customization gaps that the prior version of Magento had. Using Magento 2, the store owners can even upload product photos and videos, providing a rich user experience.

Moreover, the latest version of Magento can keep track of all the customers’ preferences and can help in more personalized product recommendations.

Apart from the reasons listed above, there are plenty of advancements in the latest Magento version that gives an apparent reason for the Magento 1 store owners to Migrate to Magento 2.

Magento 2 Migration Overview

Magento 2 Migration

As per the Magento migration documentation, the Magento 2 migration is a crucial process involving four components.

  1. Data
  2. Extensions and Custom Code
  3. Themes and Customizations
  4. Migration Efforts

Data is one of the most crucial parts of any eCommerce stores and it is often referred to as the new currency in the digital age. Therefore, it is imperative to move your data safely from Magento 1 to 2 during the migration process.

Store owners can use the Magento 2 Data Migration Tool to efficiently move all the products, customers, and order data to Magento 2. Also, the Magento 1 extensions won’t be compatible anymore with the Magento 2 version. Therefore, the store owners are required to install the latest version of the extensions to add to their website. The same goes for the website theme and customizations.

The efforts required to migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2 will ultimately depend on your store size and degree of customization. The more complex the store, the more efforts it will take to Migrate to Magento 2.

How Much Does a Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Cost?

How much does Magento 2 migration cost

Magento 1 to 2 migration costs can vary from store to store, depending on various factors. It can cost you between $300 to $2000 or maybe more. Here are a few things to consider while dissecting Magento migration cost.

  • Magento Licence Fee: Magento community version is free of cost, while the pricing for the enterprise edition starts at $22,000 per annum.
  • Theme & Customization: Customizing your Magento 2 store with a seamless theme and design can add to the migration cost.
  • Extensions: If you need third-party extensions for your Magento 2 store, you must add its cost to your Magento 2 migration budget.
  • Magento Migration Agency Charges: If you are thinking of hiring a professional Magento migration company for Magento 2 migration to be on the safe side, add a few hundred to a couple of thousand bucks to your budget.

Magento 2 is here with many built-in features and functions for your online store. Meetanshi provides a professional Magento 2 Migration service that can help you get your store upgraded to the latest version effortlessly.

Why Choose Meetanshi to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Why Choose Meetanshi?

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration can be tedious! It can be even more terrifying if your store is highly complex and you do not have enough technical knowledge. This is where outsourcing the whole Migration procedure can help you.

Handle your Magento store to Meetanshi for an easy and smooth transition to Magento 2. Get your Magento 1 store equipped with the latest features and functionalities of Magento 2, along with better user experience and security.

Provided below is the list of the reasons to select Meetanshi as a complete Magento 2 Migration solution over others.

  • Certified Magento Developers: We have a team of certified Magento developers that will flawlessly migrate your Magento 1 store to Magento 2.
  • Magento Migration Experts: We have an experienced team of developers that will take care of the Magento 2 upgrade of your store.
  • Faster Delivery: We know your time is valuable! We offer a lightning-fast Magento store update service.
  • Warranty on Service: We got your back for six months after Magento 2 migration.
  • Zero Downtime: Migrate Magento website with almost zero downtime not to miss any sales.
  • Data Protection: We offer Magento 2 store migration service with utmost data security and protection.
  • 100% Secure: We will carry out Magento 2 Migration with maximum security and safety.


Magento is an ever-evolving eCommerce platform that gets better with time. Magento 1 has become outdated with a lack of support, extensions, and development. One can witness a quantum jump in performance, speed, and experience from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Store owners must opt for Magento 2 migration to update their online store to the latest version for a better customer experience in 2022. The benefits of Migrating Magento 2 will surely pay off the cost of migration.

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Magento 2 Migration – Everything You Need to Know [2022]

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